Tomatoes originate from America and were used in cooking only as of the early 1800’s. By 1890 there were already 12 companies producing tomato concentrate in Parma. Nowadays, in the province of Parma alone, more than one million tons of tomatoes are processed, representing more than 20% of total Italian tomatoes.
Always having been a leader in tomato processing, the Columbus production facilities in Martorano (Parma) has been in operation, under various ownership, since 1912.

  • Pagani e Ceresini 1912-1918
  • Pagani Enrico 1918-1925
  • Pagani Bonfiglio 1925-1930
  • Conti, Calda & C. 1935-1945
  • Jenni Giovanni 1946-1965
  • Indutrie Alimentari Rolli 1965-1978
  • Soc. Cooperativa ParmaSole 1978-1992
  • Columbus 1993 - in operation.

Parma is also known as “the heart of the food valley”, being at the center of the import-export trade of the European and international agro-alimentary market with its outstanding production and products of milk and its derivates (Parmigiano Reggiano cheese), Salumi Prosciutto di Parma the famous dry-cured ham and others, canned vegetables, pasta and baked goods.